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It was born at the initiative of Deysi Ríos and Alberto Valderrama, they are two young activists, Deysi and Alberto are friends and colleagues from the School, Alberto is the Owner of LOCAL TREKKERS PERU, which has been making donations every month, thanks to the reservtions of his passengers. Alberto had the great privilege since he was a child to grow up knowing the Culture and Customs of the Andes and the Peruvian Amazon, specifically in the City of Cusco and Iquitos. Iquitos is a city with many economic deprivations and very, very expensive, Iquitos can only be reached from two ways, 1st is to travel by ship for a week and 2nd by flight. They have been supporting Social Health cases in the Loreto Region through health campaigns in remote communities, in a detached and disinterested way, with the support of dozens of activists.

This tireless work of HUELLAS DE ESPERANZA (TRACES OF HOPE) achieved a greater impact in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when its efforts were deployed to contribute with food and medication support for patients, family members, and health personnel who were in hospitals and centers care. The organization's human coverage also includes victims of fires with non-perishable food and clothing. In addition, HUELLAS DE ESPERANZA is Registered as a Social Aid Association, by the Authorities of the Loreto Region, the desire is to become an NGO, HEALTH AND EDUCATION WILL ALWAYS BE A PRIORITY. HUELLAS DE ESPERANZA belongs to everyone and we can all help, with love and solidarity for people who need it.

You can be part of this social help by making a donation and thus saving a life, you can enter our Facebook page and see the help that is made every day.
Some photos of the social work carried out by HUELLAS DE ESPERANZA (TRACES OF HOPE).

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