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Manu Reserved Zone
8 Days and 7 Nights

Useful Information

Locations Visited

Locations Visited:

Manu Park

Starting Altitude

Starting Altitude:

3400 masl = 11154 Feet

Highest Point

Highest Point:

4000 masl = 13123 Feet



Minimum 2 paxs & Maximum 10 paxs

Physical Grading

Physical Grading:


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Manu Reserved Zone 8 Days 7 Nights

Manu National Park covers an area of 1,716, 295.22 hectares (17,162.95 km2) which comprises mountainous onsi (traversed by creeks and valleys) with elevations close to 4000 m above sea level and a portion of the Amazon Basin plains. The park is divided into the following onsi: the restricted use zone with pristine forests and native communities, onsid is granted to reasearchers only; the onsider zone for tourism; the recuperation zone for the recovery of disturbed onsi and the cultural zone for human settlement. About 160 species of mammals have been reported in the park, More than 1000 bird species have been estimated to exist in the park, The 155 amphibian species found in the park include, There are 132 species of reptiles in the park In addition, 210 species of fish, 300 species of ants, 650 species of beetles, 136 species of dragonflies and more than 1300 species of butterfiles have been reported in the park so far come with us and we guarantee you a 100 % satisfaction.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


Our trip starts early in Cusco, the trip will last 8 hours approx. by private minibus to the high mountain area at (3900 masl = 13,000 feet). We will make a brief stop in Ninamarca, to see the pre-Inca cemetery and the colonial town of Paucartambo, then we will descend through the eastern slopes of the Andes through a cloud forest with lush vegetation (ferns, orchids, bromeliads, etc.) During the trip we will enjoy spectacular views of the Andes and we can see the wildlife of our national bird: the rooster of the bright red rocks (Rupicola peruviana). We can also see tangaras, quetzales, trogons and hummingbirds of bright colors and the first monkeys, like woolly monkeys. In the afternoon we arrive at Bamboo Lodge (700 masl = 2296.59 feet), in this place we will spend the night (double rooms and private bathroom). After dinner the guide will inform you about the activities of the next day.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


Very early we will have our breakfast and then we will continue in our minibus to the port of Atalaya (600 masl = 1968.50 feet). On the way we will stop at an animal rescue station and look for orchids and we will also walk along the road to look for monkeys and birds. Then from Atalaya we will sail for 8 hours approx. in a 15–meter motorized canoe along the Alto Madre de Dios River until you reach the lowland rainforest. On this day we enjoy the changing landscape and we have the opportunity to see wildlife along the rocky banks of the river, such as Fasciated Tiger Herons, Kingfisher, Skimmers, Vultures, alligators and some of the 13 species of monkeys that live in Manu. Then we will visit a local town where you can appreciate typical houses and the way of living of this people. In the afternoon we arrive at the Dorado Lodge (Place of the black spider monkey; double rooms with private bathroom). At night we will have a night walk to see insects, frogs, snakes, etc. and the main attraction in this lodge, which is a tapir clay lick.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


After resting and having our breakfast, we leave Dorado Lodge, we leave behind is the relatively clean waters of the Madre de Dios River; to enter the clay waters of the Manu River. At the park ranger station in Limonal we will present our permits to enter the reserve, we will travel for about 5 hours through the Manu River. In the dry season, the sandbanks of the river are loaded with birds that nest and feed the herons, egrets, orinoco geese, terns and skimmers, to name just a few. They will also house sunny black and white alligators and turtles. Hundreds of sand-colored Night jars perch during the day on logs and beaches and there is the possibility of finding a sunny Jaguar, the third largest cat in the world. On several occasions, during the trip we saw the Jaguar in Manu. We will also see some species of primates on this river trip, some red howler monkeys or the smaller squirrel monkeys. After lunch next to the river we arrive at Casa Matsiguenka where we will have the afternoon to explore some of the trails through the pristine rainforest of the area. Before or after dinner, you will have an optional excursion to the forest at night in search of nocturnal creatures. We will spend the night at the Matsiguenka House, a rustic cottage owned by Matsiguenka, with its own exclusive trail system.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


The Casa Matsiguenka is designed using the indigenous people building techniques and counts on 12 fully screened twin rooms. Beds are furnished with mosquito nets. There is a private trail system and local Matsiguenka guides will accompany you on the trails (optional). There is an interactive interpretation center and locally made souvenirs are for sale.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


After our breakfast, we will spend the morning in the lake Cocha Salvador and a part of a canoe by the lake observing the animal life of the lake. We can also find an Agami heron or a Sungrebe and brown capuchin monkeys that usually feed on nearby fruits. Then follow me our search for a family of giant otters living here. These are the world largest freshwater carnivores, remain common only in Manu, as they have been hunted to extinction in most of their former range. Each animal consumes between 4 and 5 kilos of fish a day and, often, they can be seen eating large fish in logs on the shore of the lake. The rest of the day we will continue along the trails in the area in search of some of the 13 species of monkeys found here. The guide will explain the basics of tropical rainforest ecosystems and point out some of the medicinal plants in the area used by local indigenous groups. In addition we can also see a group of peccaries or wild boar that is here. We will enjoy until sunset, then we will spend the night at the Matsiguenka House.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


On this day we will make a quick visit early in the morning through the forest to Cocha Otorongo where we can find troops of monkeys, particularly Woolly and Black Spider Monkeys. We will pay special attention to the life of the plants in this part and we will listen in silence to the whisper of the jungle or the soft sound of the fruits that fall to the floor of the jungle. Then we will visit Cocha Otorongo Lake in a 20–meter observation tower in the rainforest canopy overlooking the lake to observe wildlife. We will also look for a large family of giant otters that inhabit this lake. In the evening we will climb the Alto Madre Dios River until we reach our next Lodge, which is El Dorado, we will arrive around 4:00 to 5:00 pm., where we will spend the night.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


Today, very early, we will make a birdwatching around the lodge to see the Hary Eagle, which means (expression of Matsiguenka), a place still unknown. After that, our group will continue their boat trip to our last Soga de Oro Lodge where we can observe more wildlife. Along the travel, we can observe different paths and other types of mammals during our 6–hour trip upstream to the last shelter. The river trip can contain surprises and you have to be aware of any wildlife on the beaches.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


Leaving the lodge we will head up the Felipe path where we can see many kind of monkey like, spiders monkeys, brown capuchin monkeys, wooly monkeys and so on, after this visit we go back to our comfortable lodge this lodge is strategically located, in afternoon we are going to visit the Machuhuasi lake where we are going to do a visiting on catamarans, in this lake we have the oportunity to see many kind of birds like the famous prehistoric bird (Hoatzin) also in this lake we can see capibaras and aligators and other animals. This lake is run by a local conservation group and is a base for scientific birdwatchers research in the area and a cent. We should go back to our lodge in time for dinner and a shower. The evening is set aside to relax or, if you want, to explore a trail through the forest with your guide in search of nocturnal animals. Night at Soga de Oro Lodge.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


We will leave from Paititi Lodge early in the morning to see a small parrots Clay lick and then towards the Port Atalaya from here; we will take the van directly to Cusco passing through the Cloud Forest and also trhough the highest point (ACJANACO) where we going to take Lunch and after the lunch we continue until to get to Cusco where we are going to leave in your Hotel or next to this. In Cusco we reach around 5:00 pm.

Manu Reserved Zone 8 days and 7 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


  • Bilingual and certified Tour Guide
  • A briefing about the trek with your guide the day before
  • Pick up from your accomodation
  • Private transportation to go to the Park (First and last day)
  • Mineral water and snacks for the whole tour
  • Lodges (Private, double, triple, quadruple rooms availables)
  • Confortable Matrasses and mosquito nets
  • Blankets
  • Rubber boots to walk inside the jungle
  • Permits and entrances fees to the Manu National Park
  • Permits and entrances for the Reserved Zone
  • 2 nights inside the Reserved Zone at Casa Matsiguenka Lodge
  • Boat to move along the river
  • Boat driver and his assistant
  • Professional Cook
  • Snack for each day of trip
  • Availability of meals to your preference (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, pesquetarian, etc)
  • First Aid kit
  • Survivor T – Shirt for each member of the group.

Doesn’t includes:

  • Extra expense if you want to buy things during the tour
  • First Breakfast and last dinner
  • Tips for the team (Is not obligatory but if you wish to do it, it will be welcome).
  • Original Passport
  • Travel Insurance card (you have to le tus know the name of your Travel Insurance company and you travel Insurance Number)
  • A back pack
  • Rain coat or Rain Poncho
  • Cold Clothes (For the first and Second day)
  • Bottle of Water
  • Sandals
  • Bottle of Water
  • Flash Light with extra batteries
  • Insect Repellent (30% Deet as minimum Recommended)
  • Towel
  • Toilet Paper
  • Sun Block
  • Sun Glasses
  • Caps or Hats
  • Binoculares
  • Rain Pants
  • Medicines for Personal Use
  • Personal use stuff (Face moisturizer, Handsanitizer, Tooth brush and paste, etc)
  • Camera with extra bateries (electricity available in some lodges)
  • Extra money especially in soles to buy thing along the trek


PRICES FOR 2021-2022
Number of People for GROUP SERVICE :
2 3 4 5-6 7-10
Price USD$ (per person):
1480 USD$ 1440 USD$ 1400 USD$ 1350 USD$ 1300 USD$

PRICES FOR 2021-2022
Number of People for PRIVATE SERVICE:
2 3 4 5-6 7-10
Price USD$ (per person):
1600 USD$ 1550 USD$ 1500 USD$ 1450 USD$ 1400 USD$


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