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Manu Reserved Zone
5 Days and 4 Nights

Useful Information

Locations Visited

Locations Visited:

Manu Park

Starting Altitude

Starting Altitude:

3400 masl = 11154 Feet

Highest Point

Highest Point:

4000 masl = 13123 Feet



Minimum 2 paxs & Maximum 10 paxs

Physical Grading

Physical Grading:


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Manu Reserved Zone 5 Days 4 Nights

Manu National Park covers an area of 1,716, 295.22 hectares (17,162.95 km2) which comprises mountainous onsi (traversed by creeks and valleys) with elevations close to 4000 m above sea level and a portion of the Amazon Basin plains. The park is divided into the following onsi: the restricted use zone with pristine forests and native communities, onsid is granted to reasearchers only; the onsider zone for tourism; the recuperation zone for the recovery of disturbed onsi and the cultural zone for human settlement. About 160 species of mammals have been reported in the park, More than 1000 bird species have been estimated to exist in the park, The 155 amphibian species found in the park include, There are 132 species of reptiles in the park In addition, 210 species of fish, 300 species of ants, 650 species of beetles, 136 species of dragonflies and more than 1300 species of butterfiles have been reported in the park so far come with us and we guarantee you a 100 % satisfaction,

Manu Reserved Zone 5 days and 4 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


We will pick you up from your accommodation in Cusco in between 4:30 to 5:00 am. Then we travel in our private van for about 8 hours in total, it takes 1 hour to arrive to Huancarani where you can order your breakfast in a local restaurant, after this we take again the van for 2 more hour until to reach to Paucartambo which is a colonial town also is home to the colourful Virgen del Carmen festival. Paucartambo three-day Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen is one of the biggest street parties in Peru, and attracts tens of thousands of travellers, almost all Peruvian, each year. After a guided visit we have to continue in our van until to get to an ancient ruins, Pre – Incas Tombs, located at the Town of Ninamarca, your guide will be in charge to explain you about this mistycal place. Then we have to take our van again to continue until the entrance of the Manu National Park at Acjanaco (4000 masl = 13123 feet.) where you will have a quick explanation about this Amazing Park, from Acjanaco we will begin the descent toward the Cloud forest of the Manu, along the way we can appreciate hundreds of plant tipycal of the cloud forest such as: Cecropia trees, bromeliads, orchids, Ferns, mosses, lichens, some palms and epiphytic plants in general, also along this descent we will have the oportunity to see many animals like: hundreds of birds among them: hummingbirds, falcons, woodpecker,parrots, perroquets, quetzals, tucans, harpy Eagle, trogons, and of course the Cock of the Rock (Rupicola Peruviana) the National Bird of Peru, and if we keep calm and we are very attentive observing among the undergrowth of the forest we can observe animals such as: woolly monkeys, Brown capuchin monkeys, also we can see the andean fox, spectacled bear, and so on. Once we cross the cloud forest, we will arrive to the port of Atalaya where our boat will be waiting for us to travel 40 minuts along the Alto Madre de Dios River until to get our Paititi Lodge (750 masl = 2460 feet.), where after the dinner we will spend the night here. Private rooms, private toilets, shower and electricity are availables at this lodge.

Manu Reserved Zone 5 days and 4 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


This day we will continue our trip down river, we get up very early to enjoy the Parrots clay lick, which is located just to 20 minuts from the Paititi Lodge where we can see different types of parrots and some Macaws. we will take breakfast in our boat, after 4 hours traveling we will arrive to the control point of the Reserved Zone (Limonal) where we will chek and then continue within the reserved zone for another 3 more hours, along this day we will have great opportunity to see the biggest feline in the amazon The Jaguar, is easy to see this big feline when the river is low and the beaches are formed, which is the jaguar favorite place to hunt capybaras, aligators and other mammals from which it feeds. Along the river we can also see, black and white caimans, anacondas giant turtles and differents primates like the howler monkey, spider monkey and squirrel monkeys and so on, finally we arrive by the afternoon to the Casa Matsiguenka where we are going to spend 2 night here. The Casa Matsiguenka Lodge, is a rustic lodge built with forest materials, was built by the same settlers of this tribe, matsiguenkas, using palm leaves to make roofs and the same bark of these palms for floors, with the tourism support this tribe went from being a tribe of hunters to a conservationist tribe of the environment in this way and through sustainable tourism can have good economic income and improve the lifestyle and education of its population. After installing us and after having a delicious dinner we will be ready for a walk to discover the nightlife that the manu reserved area has to show us during this walk we will have the opportinity to see big tarantules, rainbow boa, boa mantona, emerald boa, scorpions, dendrobates or poisonous frogs, also we can see the great bullfrog the biggest frog in the amazon jungle. After this visit, we go back to our lodge where we will spend this night.

Manu Reserved Zone 5 days and 4 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


This day we get up with the loud sound of the howler monkey and after the breakfast is time to go to the Cocha Salvador where our main objective will be to observe the giant river otter, for that we will board a catamaran very well designed to travel by the waters of this beautiful lake, also in this lake we will see giant turtles, anacondas, caimans, aligators, monkeys and iguanas in the trees on the shore of this lake and hundred of birds like: herons, egreats, King fifhers, tucans, etc. Every animal and plant sighted, will be explained very professionally by your guide. After this visit, we return to our lodge for Lunch, where our chef will be waiting for us with very delicious and varied dishes.After a relaxing time we are ready to continue exploring the Reserved Zone of Manu, by the afternoon we will walk for about 1 hour into the jungle in order to get the Otorongo Lake where we will climb a tower of 30 meters to have a nice view of this lake where we will also have the opportunity to see the giant river otters, different types of monkeys, black and White caimans, turtles and so on, after visiting this lake we go back our Lodge for dinner then we can continue exploring the area through a night walking to try to see more wildlife, such us: wild boars, wild dogs, fox, bats, moths, insects like, millipedes, cienpies, giant cockroaches, walking sticks, walking leaves, giant beetles, fire ants, leaf cutting ants and so on. After this night walking w ego back our lodge to have a nice dream.

Manu Reserved Zone 5 days and 4 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


After breakfast, we have to leave the Casa Matsiguenka Lodge, to have another opportunity to see the hidden Jaguar on the way back, also to try to see big mamals like kapibaras, pecaries and big aligators and caimans. This day we will travel by boat up river for about 5 hours, we will have lunch in our boat but along the river, we will appreciate many kind of animals when we get out the reserved zone of Manu, we will arrive at a place called Aguas Calientes, where you can enjoy a relaxing and natural hot spring bath then we continue until to get our next lodge we will get to our Dorado Lodge around 4:00 pm. We will have enough time to installing us and to go to swimming in the Madre de Dios River, after enjoying the river, we return to our lodge for dinner. By the evening if we have a little energy left, we can do another night walking in order to observe the biggest mamals in the amazon rain forest (the Tapir) to see this mammal we have to walk for about 1 hour until to arrive to the Tapir clay lick also if we are lucky we can observe wild boars, pecaries, coaties, armadillos, etc.

Manu Reserved Zone 5 days and 4 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


This is the saddest day of the whole trip because it is the day when we will leave the jungle to enter again the Peruvian Andes until arriving at Cusco. After our breakfast we have to take our boat for about 3 hours until to get Atalaya Port where our pirvate van will be waiting for us to go back Cusco, along the route we will do a stop in an animal rescue called Dos Loritos, where we will have a direct contact with some animals of the forest that were rescued by this center and later they are returned to the nature, we will have in our arms some monkey, boars, kapibaras and an amazon tapir, people in charge of this center they are going to explain us about the mision of this Animal Rescue Center. After this visit, we continue toward Cusco where we will arrive around 8:00 pm, your guide will take care to leave you in your hotel or next to this.

Manu Reserved Zone 5 days and 4 nights - Local Trekkers Peru - Local Trekkers Peru


  • Bilingual and certified Tour Guide
  • A briefing about the trek with your guide the day before
  • Pick up from your accomodation
  • Private transportation to go to the Park (First and last day)
  • Mineral water
  • Lodges (Private, double, triple, quadruple rooms availables)
  • Confortable Matrasses and mosquito nets
  • Blankets
  • Rubber boots to walk inside the jungle
  • Permits and entrances fees to the Manu National Park
  • Permits and entrances for the Reserved Zone
  • Confortable Mattress and mosquito nets
  • Boat to move along the river
  • Boat driver and his assistant
  • Professional Cook
  • Snack for each day of trip
  • Availability of meals to your preference (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, pesquetarian, etc)
  • First Aid kit
  • Survivor T – Shirt for each member of the group.

Doesn’t includes:

  • Extra expense if you want to buy things during the tour
  • First Breakfast and last dinner
  • Tips for the team (Is not obligatory but if you wish to do it, it will be welcome).
  • Original Passport
  • Travel Insurance card (you have to le tus know the name of your Travel Insurance company and you travel Insurance Number)
  • A back pack
  • Rain coat or Rain Poncho
  • Cold Clothes (For the first and Second day)
  • Bottle of Water
  • Sandals
  • Bottle of Water
  • Flash Light with extra batteries
  • Insect Repellent (30% Deet as minimum Recommended)
  • Towel
  • Toilet Paper
  • Sun Block
  • Sun Glasses
  • Caps or Hats
  • Binoculares
  • Rain Pants
  • Medicines for Personal Use
  • Personal use stuff (Face moisturizer, Handsanitizer, Tooth brush and paste, etc)
  • Camera with extra bateries (electricity available in some lodges)
  • Extra money especially in soles to buy thing along the trek


PRICES FOR 2021-2022
Number of People for GROUP SERVICE :
2 3 4 5-6 7-10
Price USD$ (per person):
1100 USD$ 1050 USD$ 1000 USD$ 950 USD$ 920 USD$

PRICES FOR 2021-2022
Number of People for PRIVATE SERVICE:
2 3 4 5-6 7-10
Price USD$ (per person):
1200 USD$ 1150 USD$ 1100 USD$ 1050 USD$ 950 USD$


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US$ 1100 / Person

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