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Guaranteed Lifetime Experience

Local Trekkers Peru has the international standards of quality and environment, we are very happy to have certified guides with extensive knowledge of the culture of our ancestors the Incas and the magic of the Peruvian Amazon, with a contagious charisma. Our cookmen are constantly trained in providing any type of food chosen by our customers, such as Vegetarian, Vegan, gluten-Free, pesquetarian, etc. more than cookmen they are truly Chefs, capable of preparing the most pleasant dishes on the different routes. In limited conditions. Our porters and horesemen work vigorously to satisfy all your needs, our drivers drive with responsibility, respecting the rules of road, the rights of others and apply safe driving techniques. Finally, our office staff answers all your questions in record time with clarity.

All the team of Local Trekkers Peru, is trained and certified in First Aid, in safeguarding the Health and Safety of both themselves and above all of our customers. Being our priority Namber 1, in the management of Solid Waste to be applied in their daily lives and in the different routes. We invest in the best Camping equipment; Northface and Doite tents, always carrying Oxygen tanks, First Aid Kit, Inflatable Thermarest Airmattresses, blankets, pillows, professional Black Diamond Walking Sticks, etc. We are here to help with all your requirements, aimed at achieving 100% customer satisfaction.


Local Trekkers Peru, has as a priority, the safety of customers, so it is necessary and important that our staff is trained in first aid. This training is provided by the Municipality of Cusco and the Red Cross of Peru, acquiring extensive theoretical-practical knowledge. At the end of the activity we were awarded a certificate.

Why is it important for Local Trekkers Peru staff to have first aid knowledge?

Knowing first aid SAVE LIVES, It is very useful for our staff to know what measures to take in an emergency during the route, allowing to give primary support, for example to the following situations: Asphyxia, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, among others, since nobody is exempt from something happening, that is why it is so important to know what to do and what not to do, to have the confidence and security necessary to help someone, and alleviate suffering, at least at that time.





Following the training program of the Company, the Municipality of Cusco, through its Department of Solid Waste Management, offers the talk entitled (Segregation of Solid Waste to be reused), to the staff of Local Trekkers Peru, of which one of the simplest and most useful techniques that people can carry out to help limit the presence of waste in the environment. Currently, the problems related to the care of the environment and climate change that comes from its neglect, precisely, they aim to raise the need to modify attitudes, practices and methodologies of consumption and behavior that only generate great wear and tear on the physical space, but also, and mainly, a high level of contamination due to the fact that societies (especially urban ones) generate waste in an almost endless quantity without considering recycling policies. The separation of waste appears as an important and interesting technique to help counteract this situation. Tha is why Local trekkers Peru together with the staff contribute a bit to mitigate this great problem, putting it into practice during the treks and in our daily lives.

We have a cleaning schedule during the year on the routes of the Andes and Peruvian jungle Responsible for enforcing the schedule:


Alberto organizes the departures on scheduled dates, where all staff participates, we take large biodegradable plastic bags, Personal Protective Equipment such as, steel toe shoe, gloves, mouth cover. Local Trekkers Peru delivers these equipment to protect the health of its employees.

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  • Guaranteed lifetime experience
  • We have social responsidbility, we do social work