Atalaya is a Peruvian city capital of the district of Raimondi and in turn of the province of Atalaya located in the department of Ucayali. It is located on the banks of the Ucayali River, right at its beginning, at the confluence of the Urubamba and Tambo rivers.

Before the arrival of the missionaries to Atalaya these lands were known as “land of the savages”, that concept did not change for a long time, until with the arrival of the Jesuits, picking up the Inca legacy, they called it Vehitiaricuy or Buena Vista. Currently, the etymology of the Spanish word Atalaya specifies that this name means “watchtower, lookout place or lookout”.
It was founded on May 29, 1928 and is known as “The Emerald of Ucayali”. It is located at an altitude of 220 masl.

Atalaya is also known for its tourist attractions, such as the Tambo Ushco cavern, the Piedra del Toro, the Tres Ventanas, the Sapani natural pool, and the Canuja ravine.