Lares is a district that is located in the province of Calca, in Cusco. Lares is a district that captivates the visitor, due to the beautiful valley that it possesses; besides for its valley, Lares is interesting product of the natural and archaeological resources that can be found in the district.

Among the natural resources of the district of Lares, there are sites such as the Mantto Waterfall. This natural attraction of the town of Lares is formed by a set of precipitations whose highest point is 100 meters.

In addition to the waterfalls, Lares has natural attractions such as the Lares Hot Springs, also attractive for those who enjoy thermal-medicinal tourism. These water springs of Lares have temperatures ranging between 36°C and 44°C, and are ideal for treating bone and gastrointestinal diseases, especially. These baths are located 1 km from the town of Lares, and they can only be accessed on foot, and upon payment of an entrance fee whose main cost is s/5.00.

As mentioned before, one of the main attractions of the town is its valley, which can be visited, especially by those tourists interested in adventure tourism, since the valley offers great trekking routes of different difficulties. The best season for trekking in Lares is between May and October; it is recommended to avoid the rest of the months due to the low temperatures in the valley, which can even freeze in certain areas. During the tours through the valley, the tourist can see evidence of the ancient Inca occupation, manifested in roads, among other structures.