The city of Salvation is a city located in the jungle of Peru. This city is the capital of the district of the same name and of the province of Manu, in Madre de Dios, where it is located.

Among the qualities that call attention to the city of Salvation is its beautiful landscape that allows you to find in its territory part of what is the Manu Biosphere Reserve, where it is possible to find the settlement of different native communities away from modern contact, in addition to an impressive variety of plants and animals. The Interpretation Center of the Biosphere Reserve is located within the territory of Salvation and thanks to it, it is possible to take interesting catamaran trips through the rivers and streams of the site.

Besides presenting part of the Manu Biosphere in its territory, Salvation also presents separate tourist sites such as the case of oxbow lakes, one of the most visited is Machuhuasi, in whose surroundings it is possible to camp, but if you prefer, you can also stay in one of the nearby lodges.

Another attraction of the beautiful city of Salvación is its fairs, one of them is the Manu Agricultural and Livestock Handicraft Tourism Fair, which has been held for 16 years and includes among its events, which are usually held in October, activities such as the exhibition of agricultural and livestock products, and handicrafts of the city and the province, in addition to encouraging tourist routes not only in Salvación but also in Manu.