Culminating at a picturesque turquoise-blue lake at the base of a glacier, the trip from Soraypampa to Humantay Lake in Cusco is a day hike of moderate to high difficulty that is usually organized with Cusco-based tour groups.

After about a mile of relatively flat terrain, the trail begins with a steep, mountainous ascent. You will pass several campsites and a restaurant before a final set of restrooms (which can be accessed for a small fee) and a counter to purchase snacks. Turn left at this junction and pass a gate into the mountain. The hike is not well marked, but the trail is fairly obvious.

The uphill portion is wide; hikers have forged several adjacent routes, some of which are shared by horses that are available for hire. The horses only go halfway up, so everyone will have to walk on foot. The terrain itself is relatively easy, but even experienced hikers will have difficulty if they are not properly acclimated.

At the top, most groups take their time to absorb the views. From here, you can hike around the sides of the lake to reach over 14,000 feet. Because of the elevation, it is important to bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Insects are not a big problem, but watch out for animal dung, especially at the beginning of the hike.