Phuyupatamarca is one of the most famous archaeological sites of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. It is an urban center where it has terraces for the cultivation of various agricultural products. It is located 32 kilometers from the beginning of the Inca Trail route (approximately 11 kilometers from Machu Picchu).

Its name comes from Quechua words that mean: “Place above the clouds”. This is due to its geographical location on a mountain surrounded by fog, especially in the mornings.

Like many Inca citadels around, Phuyupatamarca fulfilled an urban and religious function. In addition, dozens of terraces were built there for agricultural production that made Machu Picchu, Phuyupatamarca and the other urban centers that communicated the qhapac ñan self-sustainable.

It is characterized by being built on the summit, from its position, you can see the Urubamba River. It is a set of enclosures, roads, a small bridge, three squares, a sacred rock and two main entrances. As well as, irrigation canals, all with an imperial Inca style.

The whole complex is surrounded by abundant vegetation, typical of the jungle. It is in a good state of conservation.