inca trail

According to the latest ranking of the Travellers’ Choice 2022 of TripAdvisor, based on the choice and opinion of thousands of travelers from different countries. Traveling the ancestral Inca Trail in Cusco is one of the 10 best tourist activities in the world and the first in South America.

The travel portal revealed yesterday the list of the 25 most popular experiences in the world, placing the Inca Trail in 6th place with the classic route of 4 days and 3 nights to Machu Picchu.

“This route was much easier thanks to Local Trekkers, our guide and the porters and chefs that came with us. The owners were indigenous and local people in their entirety and pioneers in sustainable tourism,” highlights the publication.

The ranking of the “Best Global Experiences” is headed by the luxury canal tour in Amsterdam (Netherlands), followed by the red dunes tour in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and the North Shore and Hanauma Bay tour (Hawaii), among other activities.

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