santa teresa

The district of Santa Teresa is located in the province of La Convención in the region of Cusco. As a tourist spot, the district of Santa Teresa is interesting because of the thermal baths that it presents in its territory, as well as for the natural resources that it has.

In relation to the thermal baths, in Santa Teresa you can find at least 4 thermal-medicinal springs, these are: the Ccolpani Baths, the Quellomayo Baths, the Urpipata Baths and the Colcamayo Baths.

Of the previous ones, the Ccolpani Baths, also known as the Collpani baths, are a thermal-medicinal spring of quite rustic characteristics where the visitor can enjoy the warm waters that reach the pools after having been heated to 42° C. The second of these baths, those of Quellomayo, present ten degrees more temperature than the previous ones, and like those, they do not have a modern infrastructure, but with rustic pools that, in general, have a greater percentage of visits of the neighbors of the zone.

Of the two remaining baths, Urpipata is a great place to visit if you want to have a good time in warm waters, although you must be careful not to consume them because of their high arsenic content. The other, the Colcamayo baths, are the most popular in the district, those are almost on the banks of the splendid Urubamba River, and have three pools with water heated to 44°C; it is believed that the waters of these hot springs are ideal for treating skin diseases, as well as bone problems. The popularity of the resource has made that one has an important number of visitors and an adequate infrastructure to receive them, reason why, the entrance to these last baths is not free.