Paucartambo is a Peruvian city, capital of the homonymous district and province in the department of Cuzco.
It is located next to the Paucartambo river (also called Mapacho). Its main festival is the Feast of the Virgen del Carmen that attracts many visitors. The town has a predominantly colonial architecture.
During the time of the Inca empire it was part of the Antisuyo. In 1565, during the colonial era, the township of Paucartambo was created. During both periods, this city was of great importance for trade between the Andes and the jungle, being coca, gold and textiles some of the most important products.

In pre-Hispanic times, the Paucartambo region was inhabited by the Pokes, Wallas and Lares, located in that area by the Incas. During the Inca Empire, this area belonged to the Antisuyo region and was considered the entrance from the ancient Cuzco capital to the jungle towns. It is said that there were a series of Inca expeditions sent by Qhapaq Yupanqui, Yawar Waqaq and Tupaq Yupanqui to the Paucartambo and Pillcopata rivers; thanks to these expeditions, the Mojos, Campas or Antis people were subdued along the banks of the Madre de Dios or Amaru Mayo river.

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